Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®  -  Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!  -  9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom®  

Kristen is, passionately, dedicated to guiding parents and teachers of strong-willed, high energy, children achieve calm, confident,
and consistent parenting/teaching skills. Kristen has been married for 2
2 years. She has walked down the parenting path, facing
moments of frustration, and bliss, with her two teenagers. She intimately knows how the skills that she has acquired over the years
have changed her family, and has witnessed the transformation of thousands of her clients, as she successfully guides them down
a similar path.

Kristen calls upon her experiences as a licensed and credentialed school psychologist, behavior interventionist, independent facilitator
of Love and Logic® curricula, and parent. She is a consultant for schools, parent groups, and mental health professionals. Kristen
has presented to schools, PTAs, staff trainings, and churches, as well as community service organizations, at the local, regional,
and national level. Her expertise in developing and teaching practical discipline strategies has been refined through her work with
significantly troubled youth, in schools and community settings.

Kristen collaborates daily with school staff and parents to implement interventions that promote positive behavioral and academic
outcomes for students. She utilizes a wide range of methods in assessing children's needs, designing appropriate interventions, and
evaluating their effectiveness. Through her work with children with significant behavior difficulties she has developed a pre-referral
program for local school districts, used prior to students being referred to county mental health services. Her pre-referral services
include facilitating social skills groups, individual counseling, developing and implementing behavior support plans, as well as teacher and parent training classes.
Love and Logic Parenting Classes
wide ranging audiences include, teachers, administrators, parents, childcare professionals, probation officers, corrections staff, church congregations, law
enforcement, corporate executives, and social workers. Attendees leave her workshops with ideas that can be implemented, successfully, the moment they
walk into their homes or classrooms.
As a behavior interventionist, her experience in dealing with extremely challenging students fuels her passion
for training teachers and parents in the Love and Logic skills. Kristen also utilizes her Love and Logic
techniques with students, by providing opportunities for the students to do the majority of the thinking,
decision making, and problem solving, while learning to live with the consequences of their choices.

Kristen is a much sought after speaker for classroom management and parenting related issues. Kristen's fun
and interactive Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, and 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom
workshops, as well as her one-to-one mentoring programs, help clients diversify their portfolio of
parenting/teaching skills. She is known for her lively and humorous, yet practical, approach to dealing with
kids in todays fast-paced, complicated, and, often times, difficult world. Attendees laugh and learn from
real-life stories that have a positive impact on the way that they parent and teach their children. Kristen's